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Separation & Divorce Coaching

In BC, approximately 10,000 marriages end in divorce annually.  The current trend in the divorce rate amongst couples aged 45 and older is triple that of several decades ago.  Currently, there are different approaches towards resolving family law disputes which are embedded into the Family Law Act in order to encourage a non-adversarial process. A collaborative process is when Lawyers, a Financial Planner and Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC) work as a team to support clients through the legal, financial, emotional and social aspects of divorce. According to a study by Payne and Payne (2001), 86% of divorce cases are able to negotiatie a settlement.  However, in some situations there may not be an option and clients are faced with going to court.  During this transition, a RCC/Divorce Coach supports clients with their emotional and psychological distress.  This collaborative approach can be beneficial in order to increase clarity on how to proceed.  

‚ÄčAdvanced Training/Certificates

Mediation (CLEBC)
Parenting Coordinator Training (CLEBC)
Family Law for Mental Health Professionals (BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society)
Family Violence: Impact on Separation & Divorce (JIBC)


 Okanagan Collaborative Family Law Group (Executive Member)
 International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (2012-present)
 North Fraser Collaborative Family Group (2012-2015)