The Future You. (Spence, 2020)

Young Parent Program: Building Resiliency. (Spence, 2019)

Four Divorces.  (Spence, 2018)

Parent Conflict and Child Development. (Spence, 2014)

Learning Styles and Student Engagement. (Spence, 2014)

Poster Presentations

J.Spence.  Mixed Method Study:  Adolescent Female Students and Learning Difficulties. SFU (2013)

M.Peled, J.Spence, A.Smith, & T.Agg.  Youth Gang-Involvement: Correlates and Protective Factors. Society for Research in Child Development: Biennial Conference, Montreal, QC (2011) 

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J.Spence.  Learning Disabled or Disabled from Learning. Douglas College Student Research Days. New Westminster, BC (2011)​

Joan Spence

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